How to Get Pregnant?

There are several specific recommended methods to help you determine when you are fertile. Although these methods vary in details, they all require you to pay attention to the signals your body is giving you. The most obvious signal will be your menstrual cycle. The average length of 28 days is simply that-an average-and varies significantly. You need to track your cycle so that you know your cycle length. Since bleeding follows 14 days after ovulation, a person with a 28-day cycle would be ovulating on day 14, which is commonly given as a benchmark for ovulation. However, a woman with a 35 day cycle would not ovulate until day 21. Knowing your particular cycle will help you know how to schedule time with your partner.

Another sign that is relatively easy to notice if you pay attention is the texture of your mucus discharge. After ovulation the discharge is drier and thicker than it is right before and during ovulation. By producing very moist are slippery mucus, your body's indicating that it is prepared to accept sperm.

An increase in temperature is a third signal your body gives to tell you that you are fertile. A ? degree rise in temperature is normal as you approach ovulation; the actual day of ovulation is generally the day with the peak temperature. Although this sign is less obvious, it is simple to track if you are diligent and is quite reliable.


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