Pregnancy Week 19

What Your Baby is Doing This Week

By this week your baby is now covered in a white, wax called vernix caseosa, this helps to keep your baby's delicate skin from being chapped or scratched in utero. Premie babies are often still covered in this cheese-like coating at delivery.

Although your baby is still very tiny, this week will bring the development of brown fat, this development will help keep your warm after birth. Your baby will continue to add layers of fat between now and birth.

What Your Body is Doing This Week

Around this week, you should start feeling your baby's first kicks. They will feel flutters, gentle kicks and other movements. All babies have individual patterns of movement and you'll learn quickly what the norm is for your own baby. If you have any concerns about your baby's movements, talk to your doctor.

Many women find their sex drives begin to fluctuate. For most women enjoying a normal pregnancy, sex is usually considered safe at all levels. However, the physical okay means little if your libido is feeling low. Due to hormones, fatigue and a host of other issues, many women just simply do not want to have sex. Your partner may be feeling a little left out, be sure to make some "together time" for the two of you.