Things to Avoid While Pregnant

It is important for the mother of an unborn child to be careful about what she exposes herself to, and consequently her child. There is a long list of things that should be avoided, and it is important for any pregnant woman to be aware of these things to avoid while pregnant.

One of these things is cigarette smoke. This is an extremely important item. Of the list of thing to avoid while pregnant, this is one that has a particularly long list of consequences for mothers who expose themselves to it. It can result in many different issues, from low weight to possible death for the baby.

Alcohol is also important to avoid. Studies have shown that pregnant mothers who drink run a much higher risk of having a baby born with severe mental handicaps and other major problems.

Drugs of any kind should also be avoided, even if they are purchased over the counter. They can cause abnormal development of the child in the womb. Any expecting mother should see their doctor about any medications that they may be taking before continuing got take them while pregnant.

Finally, another thing that should be avoided is drinking tap water. Studies have shown that the chemicals that are included in water from the tap can cause various problems for developing children. Due to this fact, an expecting mother should try to drink bottled water unless otherwise recommended by their doctor.

There are many other potential hazards to an unborn infant's health while they are in the womb. The following links provide more insight into possible hazards.


This site contains a detailed article for expecting mothers about staying healthy during their pregnancy. Not only does it list things that should be avoided, but it also has an extensive list of other things should be done during a pregnancy to keep the mother and child as healthy as possible.

This link contains a very long list about first what a pregnant woman should do to make sure her pregnancy is successful, and what she ought to avoid. It is a great resource for pregnant women to use while preparing for the birth of their child.

The above site is dedicated to listing the foods that should be avoided during pregnancy. In addition to simply listing the items that it recommends avoiding, it also has a reasonably detailed explanation for why they should be avoided. For some foods, it also lists alternatives and methods to allow a pregnant woman to safely eat the food.